Prostate cancer research centre jobs

Antibiotics: New recipe for targeting resistance.

Nature Chemical Biology 12, — doi Mol Biol Evol prostate cancer research centre jobs Nature Communications 5: doi: Antimicrob Agents Chemotherapy May Cancer cell metabolism as new targets for novel designed therapies.

Future Med Chem.

prostate cancer research centre jobs

From passengers to drivers: Impact of bacterial transposable elements on evolvability. Nucleic Acids Research DOI: Functional wiring of the yeast kinome revealed by global analysis of genetic network motifs.

prostate cancer research centre jobs

Genome Res doi Systems-biology approaches for predicting genomic evolution. Nature Rev. Cell Cycle Use of genome-scale metabolic models in evolutionary systems biology.

Current clinical practices, often leading to overdiagnosis and overtreatment of indolent tumors, suffer from lack of precision calling for advanced AI models to go beyond by deciphering non-intuitive, high-level medical image patterns and increase performance in discriminating indolent from aggressive disease, early predicting recurrence and detecting metastases or predicting effectiveness of therapies. To date efforts are fragmented, based on single—institution, size-limited and vendor-specific datasets, while available PCa public datasets e. The ProCAncer-I project brings together 20 partners, including PCa centers of reference, world leaders in AI and innovative SMEs, with recognized expertise in their respective domains, with the objective to design, develop and sustain a cloud based, secure European Image Infrastructure with tools and services for data handling. Robust AI models are developed, based on novel ensemble learning methodologies, leading to vendor-specific and -neutral AI models for addressing 8 PCa clinical scenarios. To accelerate clinical translation of PCa AI models, we focus on improving the trust of the solutions with respect to fairness, safety, explainability and reproducibility.

Methods Mol. DOI Metabolic modeling of endosymbiont genome reduction on a temporal scale. Mol Sys Biol. An integrated approach to characterize genetic interaction networks in yeast metabolism.

prostate cancer research centre jobs

Nature Genetics doi Genetic interactions reveal the evolutionary trajectories of duplicate genes. The Genetic Landscape of a Cell.

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Science PloS Biol. A critical view of metabolic network adaptations. HFSP J. Computational identification of obligatorily autocatalytic replicators embedded in metabolic networks.

prostate cancer research centre jobs

Genome Biol. Co-regulation of metabolic genes is better explained by flux coupling than by network distance. PloS Comp.

Doctors may have found secretive new organs in the center of your head By Katherine J. Wu The New York Times Oct 20, at AM After millenniums of careful slicing and dicing, it might seem as though scientists have figured out human anatomy.

Metabolic reconstruction and analysis for parasite genomes. Trends Parasitol Chemical Reviews DOI:

prostate cancer research centre jobs

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